1. anxiety that exciting or interesting food may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.
  2. The ability to eat PHO in a MO, in the comfort of your own home.*
*This definition is completely made up and cannot be found in any official or unofficial dictionary... yet! 


Our Founder's Story

The reason I started Phomo? Simple - I fell in love with pho! Something about the irresistible combination of fresh broth with light rice noodles, zingy herbs, lime and a dash of chilli ticks the boxes of tasty, healthy and filling like nothing else. It leaves me feeling satisfied but without being bloated, and warmed without getting all hot and sweaty. From there I discovered Bun Bo Hue, Bun, Summer Rolls and Banh Mi and I loved it all, it was so fresh, so light and I felt good eating it. What’s not to love?
Then I moved from London and wasn’t able to find my beloved daily Pho. After months of the same old boring calorie laden takeaways I was craving the unique combination of delicious AND healthy that characterises Vietnamese food. I searched high and low to find a Vietnamese near to me or a simple recipe to recreate my favourite pho at home but neither seemed achievable.
So, I was inspired to start Phomo with a mission to give people like me the ability to create fresh PHO in a MO, in the comfort of their own home.
Since then I’ve loved sourcing all our fresh ingredients, learning more about Vietnamese food, and introducing people to many more pho-nomenal dishes. I’ve also met some inspiring people along the way who share my passion including Jimmy Pham from social enterprise KOTO. They provide hospitality training for disadvantaged young people in Vietnam. Together we are creating pho'nomenal Vietnamese food and supporting the next generation of Vietnamese chefs to bring even more deliciousness to us all.
In the meantime thanks for joining me on this pho’nomenal journey and pho' your love and support!

You can read a more in depth interview with me in the Independent here, discussing all things Phomo and how it all began.

Daniya Stewart Phomo Founder