1. anxiety that exciting or interesting food may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.
  2. The ability to eat PHO in a MO, in the comfort of your own home.*
*This definition is completely made up and cannot be found in any official or unofficial dictionary... yet! 

Founder, Daniya Stewart spent 16 years working in London and despite having access to a variety of diverse foods, since discovering pho in 2014, Daniya found it hard to drag herself away from eating it for lunch almost every day. The combination of fresh broth with light rice noodles, zingy herbs, lime and a dash of chilli were the perfect combination of tasty, healthy and filling and nothing else ticked these boxes quite as well.

Fast forward to 2020; a national lockdown and no commuting meant that food options were limited to local or online offerings and there was no pho to be found. After making pho for her family one evening (who had never tried it before) they agreed that other people would enjoy it just as much and the idea for PHOMO was born.

Our PHOMO mission is that you shouldn't have to live in a big city to eat diverse and delicious food and this is our small way of solving this problem.

Daniya Stewart Phomo Founder