1. anxiety that exciting or interesting food may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.
  2. The ability to eat PHO in a MO, in the comfort of your own home.*
*This definition is completely made up and cannot be found in any official or unofficial dictionary... yet! 


Our Founder's Story

I love pho! I first discovered it at a tiny place in the City after reading about it in TimeOut, I was searching for something different to the usual sandwiches and soups that dominated the City lunch scene back in the noughties. And then I discovered pho, and that was it. I ate it almost every day, the combination of fresh broth with light rice noodles, zingy herbs, lime and a dash of chilli were the perfect combination of tasty, healthy and filling and nothing else ticked these boxes quite as well. It left me feeling full without being bloated and warmed without getting all hot and sweaty (unless I accidentally overdid it with the chilli). 

I also occasionally stepped out of my comfort zone (for I am a creature of habit) and tried Bun Bo Hue, Bun, Summer Rolls and Banh Mi and I loved it all, it was so fresh, so light and I felt good eating it.

Then came 2020, and after a few months of working from home in a job I was not enjoying, I realised that I did not miss my job, I did not miss my 90 minute commute, but I really really missed my favourite food! After months of the same old boring takeaways that felt laden with calories, I just wanted something delicious AND healthy. I searched high and low to find Vietnamese food near to me or a simple recipe to recreate my favourite pho at home, but neither seemed achievable. Spending 8 hours lovingly overseeing a beef bone broth was not something we could fit into our busy life with 2 jobs, 3 kids, a dog and a cat. I wanted it and I wanted it NOW! And if I felt this way, surely there were other people who did too. After launching at our local Tring Farmers Market and selling out every week I realised that there were others who wanted to add variety to their weekly meals and Phomo (first Phogo, then Phoyo until the most obvious name hit me like a tonne of bricks) started to become a reality.

Our Phomo mission is that you shouldn't have to live in a big city to eat diverse, delicious and good pho' you food and this is our small way of solving this problem.

Thanks for stopping by and pho' your support!


You can read a more in depth interview with me in the Independent here, discussing all things Phomo and how it all began.

Daniya Stewart Phomo Founder