Experience the culinary wonders of Vietnam right at home with our Vietnamese Vegan Box. Bringing you a delightful, plant-based selection with a unique fusion of flavours and traditional ingredients. From just £3.65 per portion, it includes 3 different vegan mains, ideal for two people to enjoy three meals.

Recreate the flavours of traditional Vietnamese cuisine in the comfort of your own home and just add your own sides to make a meal of it.

Included in this fantastic meal kit, you'll find:

Marinated Hispi Cabbage with fresh garnishes

Discover the vibrant, rejuvenating flavour of Hispi cabbage, marinated to perfection in aromatic Vietnamese spices, fresh garlic, ginger and coconut milk. This special preparation elevates the cabbage into a dish brimming with flavour, providing a cool and refreshing contrast to the warmth of the grilled mains.

Lemongrass and Garlic Tofu Steaks (450g) with Vegan Nuoc Cham

These are not your ordinary skewers. Made from extra firm organic tofu marinated in a zesty lemongrass and garlic sauce, these skewers offer a tantalising mix of textures and flavours. Grilled to perfection, they're a delicious, nutritious alternative to traditional meat skewers.

Garlic and Soy King Oyster Mushroom Steaks

Savour the meaty, juicy texture of king oyster mushrooms marinated in a rich garlic and soy marinade. When grilled, these mushroom steaks develop a robust flavour and charred exterior that makes them a satisfying, plant-based substitute for conventional BBQ meat.



Marinated Plant-based box (Free delivery)

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