Free from: gluten, nuts, dairy, and sesame.

If there's one Vietnamese dish you have to try, it's classic beef phở. Thin slices of raw steak cooking in a hot beef broth with silky rice noodles and crunchy, fragrant garnishes. It's a dish that comes alive in your bowl, evolving with every mouthful.

Hearty, nourishing and invigorating, there's nothing else like Phở Bo Tái!

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (and all around the world), Phở Bo Tái is Vietnam's most famous dish. Way more than just a noodle soup, phở is based around a rich and nourishing broth that's cooked for up to 16 hours to achieve its depth of flavour.

Scoop up with chopsticks, slurp with a spoon, there's not 'right' way to eat phở, just dig in and feel your spirits lift.


Phở Bo Tái - Beef Pho (for 1)

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