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All about Phomo

Pho is considered the national dish of Vietnam where it is commonly eaten for breakfast. Put simply is a noodle soup, but in the style of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually... "this is so much more than a noodle soup".  

The broth is the star of the show, the flavour of the meat or vegetables elevated by using our signature pho spices to give a light, fragrant broth. Rice noodles, protein and garnishes - in our case these are spring onion, lime, birds eye chilli, fresh coriander and fresh Thai basil are all provided. 

We want to encourage people to enjoy pho in their own way - so feel free to add whatever makes it most enjoyable for you. We like to throw in some mushrooms, pak choi and chilli oil, how do you like yours?  

Pho is pronounced fuh rather than foe. Don’t make the mistake of saying Pho Kits in the correct pronunciation in front of your kids!  

We know that sustainability is important to our customers, so we have listed our sustainability efforts below, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. 

  • We use local suppliers as much as possible reducing our food miles. 
  • We cook to order which means we do not have any food waste. 
  • All of our exterior boxes, insulation and vacuum pouches are recyclable.
  • Ice packs, used to keep your order fresh, are reusable or recyclable.

Please share your images of how you have reused or recycled your PHOMO packaging to win a kit for 2 people using the hashtag #PHOMOUK

Delivery questions

To reduce food wastage, all of our food is made to order.  

Orders placed by 3pm on Wednesday will be delivered on Friday 

All orders placed before 3pm on a Wednesday will arrive on Friday via courier in a chilled and insulated box. Orders placed after this time will be sent the following Friday. 

As we are sending fresh food, orders are sent using a leave safe method, which means that even if you are not in, the courier will leave your order in a safe place rather than returning it to the depot.  

Orders over £30 qualify for free delivery, the courier cost for orders below £30 is £4.80.  

Food questions

With each kit for two people, you will receive:

Your choice of pho broth | Your choice of protein | Gluten free rice noodles| Spring onion | Lime | Birds eye chilli | Coriander | Thai basil  

This is everything you need for a pho meal for 2, and all the ingredients pictured on our pho kit pages. We also have extras to ad d to your pho.

All preparation instructions are included.  

It will take around 10 minutes to prepare each kit, full instructions are included in the box and also available here.

To ensure our food is of the highest quality, we have already cooked the broth in small batches, you can reheat it at home on the hob in just a few minutes.

The rice noodles also require cooking to ensure they are fresh and to your liking for adding to the pho.

For our vegan and prawn kits you need to cook the tofu or prawns separately. For our beef and chicken kits, these proteins do not need any cooking. 

We offer two person portions to cut down on packaging. If you don't want to share, our kits can easily be split in half and they last in the fridge for three days upon arrival enabling you to enjoy it for two meals rather than one.